26. Still a kid. Disneyland makes me smile. Snow makes me giddy. Touring is one of the best experiences I've ever had and brought some of the best people into my life. I have the honor of being the manager of the Volunteer Program for the Sundance Institute. DREAM. COME. TRUE. Follow me down the rabbit hole as I share with you the world as I see it....

30th August 2012


Coffee with my pops 😉 #coffee #family #love (Taken with Instagram at The Avenues)

Coffee with my pops 😉 #coffee #family #love (Taken with Instagram at The Avenues)

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7th April 2012


Happy 78th Birthday Grandpa!!! #birthdays #cake #family (Taken with Instagram at Pismo Beach, CA)

Happy 78th Birthday Grandpa!!! #birthdays #cake #family (Taken with Instagram at Pismo Beach, CA)

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22nd February 2012

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This song. Today. I love you. RIP Vance. You live on in so many ways & in so many people. It’s amazing the mark you’ve left on this world and the people. <3

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26th December 2011


Two peas in a pod. #pawnstars #family #chumlee (Taken with instagram)

Two peas in a pod. #pawnstars #family #chumlee (Taken with instagram)

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15th October 2011

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This is my family&#8217;s puggle, Tabi. She is the official mascot of my sister&#8217;s soccer team, &#8220;The Killer Cows&#8221;. 

This is my family’s puggle, Tabi. She is the official mascot of my sister’s soccer team, “The Killer Cows”. 

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26th October 2010


Chapter: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Well kids. Winter is upon us. The rain Sunday night turned into a nice steady and heavy snowfall by Monday morning. I think it is safe to say we saw about 6 inches or more. Whoa! We went from this:Fall Colors

To This:

The subaru was happy to be back in the snow. Look at her all nice and pretty:

Work on monday was busy. The day was spent in meetings with the Ticketing Office Coordinators and Theatre Box Office Coordinators (aka TOPS). We hire and place the majority of their volunteers but they have to tell us what they need and expect from them so we know what to look for. If only you could see me with my Steno notepad and “causal work attire” in the conference room. Hot Damn I’m a big kid. The meetings made the day go rather quickly and afterwards I went gym shopping. There ain’t much to chose from and the cool one is way to expensive so hopefully I can get into the Raquet Club through Tom and Lori’s membership. Tom cooked a yummy dinner of Salmon, veggies, and salad and we watched Chuck. We are bonding.

Today (Tuesday) I walked into the office to find these gems:


It was very hard to not eat them. There were PB & J donuts, cookies and cream, grasshopper, blueberry torte. It was insane. After my excitement over the donuts, the day was spent at the computer all day and on the phone. I had to sort through all my Alumni volunteers (aka those who are returning to volunteer again) who did not want to return to the same job they had in previous years. This meant calling and/or emailing them to find out what they wanted to do or if they were ok with the same job. We also had our question of the day for our team which was, “If you could be a disney princess or prince, who would you be?” Can you guess mine? Here ya go: (sorry I dont know why its blurry)

The day went really quick which was nice. The snow slowly fell all day and was light and fluffy. After I got home, I took Dally for a walk after work and we managed to adapt to the elevation a bit better this time. However my iPhone decided to die and didn’t track my whole 2.3 miles. Dang you iPhone. Tom cooked dinner AGAIN! What a guy! Steak and salad and some Biggest Loser on the Tele and now I sit here typing to you folks! Tis all for now! Mucho love

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